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Version 1.2.0


Windows 7, .Net Framework 4.6


SpaceWar is a simple console game, like the game space squids for the old nokia mobile devices.

The controls are simple. You can play the game with three keys: ArrowUp, ArrowDown and Spacebar.

1.2.0 - Feature release

*Added asteroid to the game. Asteroid must be hitted twice, but will give 2 score points.
*Added a new UI, to display score and kills.
*Changed the spawnrate. More enemys/asteroids will spawn each 20 score points.
*Changed the menu and gameover screen. Instead of any key, only the return key will now continue to the next gamestate.
*Fixed a bug where the weapon status was not displayed.

1.1.0 - Feature release

*Added a new UI element, which will display the weapon status.
*Bullets will now disappear after an impact.

1.0.1 - Patch

*Increased enemys from 10 to 15.
*Decreased max bullets from 30 to 25.


Version 1.0.0 is the first public release, released on 10th November 2017. Because of this, there are no changes to previous versions.