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Version 1.0.0 -beta


Windows 7, .Net Framework 4.0

You allways wanted to know how a 8-Bit ASCii world feels? Yeah? Ok, jump right into CMDungeon! Choose your profession, you can be a Paladin or a Warrior. Slice up some monsters, loot, trade and gain money and level ups! You are a nice person? Cool, you can help the locals to complete their quests and gain MORE money and loot! Try out CMDungeon, now!

1.0.0 -beta

Version 1.0.0 is the first beta release, released on 17th May 2017.

Added: BugKnights URL to credit screen
Changed: Loot-Drop rates
  • Crap: 10%
  • Normal: 40%
  • Magic: 30%
  • Epic: 15%
  • Legend: 4,8%
  • God: 0,2%
  • Arrow-Keys: will let you move through menus
  • Enter: confirm a action
  • Backspace: return to the last menu

You can move your hero with the W A S D keys.

Map Marker
  • H: opens the HERO menu
  • I: opens your inventory
  • T: opens the traits menu
  • L: opens the questlog
  • E: use the selected item
  • R: remove the selected item
  • C: compare the selected item with a currently equipped item