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Empire Story

Empire Story

Type Game
File Size 12.59 MB
Version 1.0.1


Windows 7, .Net Framework 4.5, XNA or MonoGame Runtime


Important Notes

  • This game is localized in German.
  • Because we don't have a paid certificate to sign the setup, Windows warns you when you run the setup. Please ignore the warning in this case.

EmpireStory is a 2D strategy-construction game. You are the leader of a group which exiled from the kingdom. The goal is to build your own kingdom. But be aware that your population will not become dissatisfied. Will you be a succesfully leader or get exiled again? It´s up to you!


  • A dynamic Story
  • Upgrades
  • Achievements
  • Ingame music
  • 20 different Buildings
  • Citizen-Mood system


The release version of may 2017.
Added: BugKnight intro screen


Version 1.0.0 is the first public release, released on 30th August 2016. Because of this, there are no changes to previous versions.